The American Dream

Faces of America

Faces of America is a collection of portraits of Americans pursuing their dreams.  Our greatest asset is ourselves.  Being a community is what defines us.  The former Soviet Union commonly dissed the “American Dream” as an imperialist lie.  What they could not see or understand is, the American Dream is more than an idea.  The American Dream is you, your neighbor, your family, your co-workers. You and I working to make a life.   As a work, Faces of America will be a portrait of us and by inference a portrait of America.   

/gold/The Human Spirit

Mining Gold

The human spirit has basic characteristics.  We all have them to varying degrees.  Some are universal.  Like fear.  All of us experience fear.  It overrides everything in its path.  Other aspects of the human spirit?  Joy, loneliness, anger, selfishness and selflessness.  See what I mean by mining gold.