America is a unique and extraordinary land.  A land built upon a radical concept of individual rights that translates into a land of people. People living their lives as family, friends and communities that respect each other.  Neighbors helping neighbors and men and women pursuing their dreams without the heavy hand of government or mob rule coercing them.

My Story

Everyone has a story.  I’ll share a bit of mine and will be sharing a little of many others.  I am a bit of a history fanatic. Where and when has always inspired me to learn more about the who.  My favorite classes in high school and college were history.  All history, but specifically American and United States history.  Recently, I learned I’m 9th generation Irish American. One of my ancestors was at Valley Forge with George Washington. By trade, I am a photographic artist specializing in portraiture.  This leads me to my current project, a portrait of America.  As attributed to French historian Alexis de Tocqueville,
“the American experiment” will come alive through art.  Portraits of her people weaving a rich tapestry of life in America linking past, present, and promise for the future.  Join me on the journey, won’t you?


Brent Groves

Photographic Artist

Photographic artist, portraitist, chronicler of life under an old hat.

Next Steps…

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